Independence-Day Handbook

It’s hard for me to throw the things away. And when I clean my room I find many many pieces of useless paper. It was very precious before because itu contekan dari temen. What should I do with those papers that cut down many trees no forest anymore flood everywhere hunger disease no future for grandchildren? What should I do then?

Oh well, since I’m environmental and economical friendly xp, I’ll make it handbook. Yeaayyy \:D/

Cut them into A5, make 3 holes in the side of paper. Thick karton for cover. Bind them together with cable ties. You can buy cable ties in toko merah (stationary store) or toko bangunan building store. Violaa, it’s done! Simple?

Let’s make it extraordinary!

Do you know oshie Japanese art? Go google-ing. I make it simpler using oragami paper. Ah, the smell of origami paper reminds me about …. Oke, someday I’ll meet again. Back to the topic. Find pattern in internet. I’m confuse to pick one, actually. They are all cuutteee. Cut and cut origami paper based on the pattern. Stick them with glue.

I put this oshie on cover. Suddenly, the ordinary handbook becomes awosome!



By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDONESIA! I’m proud of being your citizen but I haven’t made you proud. Yet. Wish me having contribution and chance to travel around you. Amin amin.

Soe Hok Gie said: “Kami jelaskan apa sebenarnya tujuan kami. Kami katakan bahwa kami adalah manusai-manusia yang tidak percaya pada slogan. Patriotisme tidak mungkin tumbuh dari hipokrisi dan slogan-slogan. Seseorang hanya dapat mencintai sesuatu secara sehat kalau ia mengenal obyeknya. Dan mencintai tanah air Indonesia dapat ditumbuhkan dengan mengenal Indonesia bersama rakyatnya dari dekat. Pertumbuhan jiwa yang sehat dari pemuda harus berarti pula pertumbuhan fisik yang sehat. Karena itulah kami naik gunung”

See you! :D

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