Quit or Stay?

This past 5 months is hard for me, G. Bad score in school, unsuccessful event, family problem, losing friends. I don’t know how to stand. People come to my life, make me happy sometimes, but hurt me much. They play on me. I don’t know how to deal with them. I cry for them every night cursing for myself, why can’t I leave them?

G, I want to be happy. And the key is being grateful, right? I thank to You for everything You give. But I’m tired playing this game.

I quit. May I, G?

If I could choose a person that I’m in love, I’ll choose her who cares about me, sincere, doesn’t flirt to other boys. And we could make a good two-way communication.

But you are not. Do you know this? A person will change as the time flies.

Because it’s you with your whole package, I will stay.

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