Berkeley Prize 2015

Few time ago, I entered my essay proposal to Berkeley Prize. It is an annual prize for architectural design excellence. Since I’m interested in writing, nekat saja deh ikut lomba langsung bertaraf internasional. wkwk. The topic for this year is Architect Confront Poverty. Pas banget. I just did a community service (KKN) in Papua. One of the program is building a Rumah Belajar. I talk about it on my essay proposal.

Before I submit it, I get it checked by my brother. Saya menyusun kata-kata sampai berhari-hari, Masupi cuma membutuhkan waktu beberapa menit untuk mengecek dan merevisi. He said: dek, ini mah bukan essay tapi cerita. story telling ini. Coba belajar buat tulisan formal deh.

Because the deadline is getting close, I submit apa adanya. And the good side of this prize is they give us the result from reviewer. Jadi tahu kekurangan lalu bisa memperbaiki.

Here is mine

berkeley prize

Maximum score from each reviewer is 30. Well, it is still far yaaa. But it’s okay. I’ll improve my writing skill. Being architectural writer masih jarang kan di Indonesia? So, see you very soon Ibu Imelda Akmal :D

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