Recent Life and What Comes Ahead

It will be a quick post since I write this from handphone. And this is my first time doing this. Susah juga ternyataa, karena belum terbiasa. Maybe next time when I am getting comfortable with this way of writing, I can share you my thought or idea sooner. Yeeay!

Sooo, what is up today?

It is already August! 2015 runs too fast. And what have I accomplished so far? Not that much but I learn a lot from people out there. Keep inspiring, you.

Ah no, I still have homework from the internship I have done before. I will publish it when it is finished. Insya Allah. Hush, go away laziness!

The other thing is start from next Monday I will complete this collage stuff this year so I have to live in that isolated room for 4 months. Hah, bismillah semoga dilancarkan. I am a little bit scared actually: can I pass this or not because I am not an indoor person and I forget what my final project talk about. Hahahaha. I shoud not tell you how an architecture students process their thesis, kan? Just don’t stop. Karena berhenti adalah mati.

While I am still fighting to get my degree, my best friends already graduate this August. Congratulation guys! But, I am sad from the deepest of my heart. After this, we will get busy with our own life. It is okay because this is how life works. But I will miss our togetherness. No, I already miss you with every single detail you have. Even I remember your smell and the way your eyes look deep in me. *playing Mocca-I remember*cry*

By the way. It reaches to the last page of my journal. Huray! Do you know what does it mean? Tidak ada lagi nggak sengaja baca tulisan beberapa bulan yang lalu karena salah membuka halaman. Those memories break me into pieces. Yes, I am that melancholic but still trying to accept that life could change easily. 180 degree. I finally learn that we should let everything go because none belongs to us.

So, close book and lets start new pages and fill them with goals to achieve and grateful days.

Hap hap!




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