Late Birthday

“Kok kuenya enaak. Beli di mana?”

“Di sana, mbak.”

“Ooh, yang ada kue nikahan bertumpuk tinggi itu ya?”

“Iya di situ.”

“Selama ini cuma bisa lihat di etalase dari pinggir jalan, akhirnya bisa makan juga. Uhuhu, terimakasih yaa.”

“Sebenernya kita mau beliin yang kue nikahan tumpuk itu. Tapi kasian ntar kamu motong sama siapa. Mempelai prianya kan belum ada.”

Everyone is laughing, including me. Then they talk about the good old times, this and that, him and her. They give me advice: kalau nggak sama itu, sama ini aja mbak. I can’t say even a word. Is this kind of thing too obvious inside this red bricks? Oh tentu saja. Tidak tahukah kamu bahwa seluruh dinding ini tersusun oleh telinga dan mulut? A friend said.

“Mikir lulus kuliah dulu deh.” with the big grin I put on my face.

“Iya mbak, yaudah kan masih ada kita.”

They really make my day. It is not because they remember my birthday, though it is 10 days late. I don’t like birthday and celebration, so it doesn’t matter at all. It is just because after 2 years, we all reunite again -between students of Structure and Construction 1 and their need-to-learn-more lecture assistant. I couldn’t thanks more for the wishes, delicious cake and especially the talks that remind me of the things I should forget.


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