Battle Inside

Inside my mind, angel and demon argued.

Angel: wake up. It is already day 26. Hurry, do your task. The clock is ticking.

Demon: Why should you do something you can’t enjoy?

Angel: Oh my God. Remember your parents, your struggle in this past 4 years. You have to finish everything you start.

Demon: yaelah, are you sure you can finish this? Just leave it. I suggest you to take another course to improve your interest. Many great chances are out there. You just need to grab them. You want to live by your passion, right? So why do you still wasting your time doing things like this?

Angel: I know I know. That is good too for you. But finishing your final assignment is another thing. Your responsibility will be asked in the day after life. What will you answer?

Demon: what is day after life, huh? It is still far from present. Relax. The bed is waiting you to kiss. Go! Your eyes are sleepy.

Angel: Up to you. If you can’t finish this within 15 days, you have extra time 40 days. How much time do you need to spend more? 40 days! You will suffer again and again. Finish as soon as possible and you will be free sooner. Then, you can expand your knowledge as you want. I know you can finish this by the end of November.

But I keep writing instead of designing. LOL.

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