Dear Someone in Finance Department,

I never intend to write this until you called me yesterday. Your name appeared on my screen as the phone ringing. I wonder, what was this for? It was quite impossible if you wanted to talk about work because afterall it was Saturday afternoon. When I heard your smiling voice answering my greeting, from across the phone you asked me to revise and send the documents.

Of course you talked about work. That was the only thing we had in conversation. But it was Saturday and you were supposed to enjoy holiday. “That’s just a dream. It is December and I am in finance department. So, yeah.”

In the last two months, we text too often, we see each other faces too often. You repeatedly asked,”How’s the progress?” I handed you a piece of wringkled paper. “I should be ready, then. Do you do all of this alone?” I had no answer. Everytime I entered your room with loads of documents, you will greet me with both smile and sigh. “Is this the last one?” “Hey, this is for your boss to sign.” “I’ll email you so you don’t have to go back and forth.”

In the middle of discussing things, sometimes we shared how stressful we were. But you didn’t seem stressed. You worked almost 12 hours/day for 5 days a week. And Saturday, just like yesterday. But, you can still throw silly jokes.

I adore your hard work. You always do the things that need to be done while encouraging me to not give up. You have my back when I do careless works. We all know our position is difficult for working overtime. But you do it anyway because that is your responsibility.

Without you realizing, you are more than just co-workers to me. I could imagine we are having random conversation in the middle of deadlines or go to warung nearby to drink after long day. Otherwise, thank you for showing me the effort and sincere you put into work. Thank you for small kindness you give to light my day. Hope I can do the same.

May January will come soon.

Years ago, I used to write letters (or whatever it is called) to someone who means to me. And I try to write again. This is one of three letters I will write during Christmas holiday. Shout out to Mas Udin and Mas Arif, who are bothered by me. Please, don’t hate me.


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