30 June 2014

Short and quick post.

Today is Monday. The last day on June. My second day of fasting. 11 days left before going to Raja Ampat for KKN. What will I do? Preparing for it? Sure. But I must manage my time well. Because I will spend my day by joining Bamboo Exploraction Workshop. I’m the oldest participant from Architecture UGM -.- Although it’s expensive, I hope it’s worth for my final assignment, for my future.

Ah, I remember about last year. When Suva and I built a project for theatrical property. The building is made from bamboo. It’s not that easy as we thought. Haha. But well, it teach me a lot. Big thanks to you, Sup. (i should say thanks  in person yaa, bukan lewat sini. mana mungkin baca. pft)

Hey, what are you doing there?

I’ll see you soon.

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